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  • Setting up ESLint, Prettier, and Husky with lint-staged for your Next.js Project

    This is a walk-through of those steps required in setting up ESLint, Prettier, and Husky with lint-staged for a Next.js project

    September 26, 20218 min read views

  • Contact Form in Next.js with Nodemailer

    This is a walk-through of how to implement an email contact form with Next.js and Nodemailer

    September 14, 202110 min read views

  • My Open Source Journey

    I will be sharing my little what so experience I had with open source contributions till now, and answered few questions like should you be contributing, what all you can learn in the process, how to get started, and all those things to help you learn a little about open source contribution

    September 08, 20216 min read views

  • First Blog

    This is my first blog and I am just testing all the features are working

    September 04, 20212 min read views

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Booksify is a online book store where you can buy your favorite books. It is built using MERN stack and Redux with payment gateway integrated. It has all the major features like Admin Dashboard, Shopping Cart, Order etc.

IPL Dashboard

Spring Boot
HSQL Database

IPL Dashboard project allows you to browse your favorite IPL teams and access their past games details, wins and losses ratios accessible by team and tournament year.

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