About me

Hello there, I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for all things frontend. I work at Auzmor, where I spend my days building Learning Management Solution(LMS).

As a lifelong learner, I'm always looking for opportunities to grow and push myself to new heights. That's why I love contributing to Open Source projects whenever I can - it's a chance to collaborate with other talented developers and make a real impact on the world.

When I'm not at my desk...

Don't let all that talk of coding fool you - I'm also a big believer in having fun and trying to have balance between work and play. That's why you'll often find me hitting the gym trying to stay fit and healthy, hanging out with friends or enjoying a good Netflix and chill session, I'm always up for an adventure.



    Software Engineer III at Auzmor 🚀
  • Thrilled to continue my adventure as a Software Engineer III at Auzmor and looking forward to learning and growing even more!


    MVP award 🎉
  • I was recognized for my performance at Auzmor and awarded the Most Valuable Performer award. It felt amazing to be appreciated for my hard work and dedication.


    Software Engineer I at Auzmor
  • As a Software Engineer at Auzmor, I worked on the front-end side of Auzmor Learn, a Learning Management Solution.

  • Open Source ❤️
  • Started contributing to Open Source projects ❤️, particularly Kubernetes docs. The experience was amazing and I learned so much about collaborating and contributing to a large project.


    Starting a New Chapter 🚀
  • Joining Cognizant as a Programmer Analyst Trainee gave me my first taste of the tech industry and the chance to learn about Java Full Stack development. It was an incredible experience that helped me take my first steps on this exciting career path. 😎

  • Graduation 🧑‍🎓
  • Graduated 🎓 with a virtual convocation (thanks, pandemic!)


    First step into the tech world 💻
  • Packed my bags and moved out of my hometown for the first time to start my journey in Assam Don Bosco University. Learning coding was challenging, but it was also exhilarating! 💻


    Choosing My Path
  • I completed my higher secondary education and thought I wanted to be a doctor, but turns out engineering was the perfect fit! I'm so happy I didn't get selected for med school, as it led me to my true passion. Now, every day is an exciting new adventure in the world of engineering! 🤖💥


    The adventure of higher secondary began! 🎓


    Birth of a Newbie 👶